Seller Representation – View Seller’s Info

With an arsenal of marketing expertise, we’re here to make sure your property shines, and everyone knows it.  From our first listing consultation, where we’ll discuss your home’s current value, potential value and how we can achieve it we will be your partner and advocate in making your largest investment what it should be: your pride and joy.  We enjoy taking listings in all neighborhoods and in all shapes and sizes, provided you meet our only listing criteria:  that you treat our relationship as a trusting partnership, with each of us striving for the goal of maximizing your property’s value.

Buyer Representation – View Buyer’s Info

Allow us to guide you through the neighborhoods and streets of Austin, where we’ll do everything it takes to help you find an address you’ll be proud of.  Whether its your first home, your retirement home, or your first plunge in real estate investing, we’ll be here to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had.  And we’ll keep answering, whether we’re showing you the first property, or the 100th.

Investment Property Consultation

While some consider real estate investing to be a hobby, we’re here to show you the ropes on what we consider one of the most profitable “hobbies” in the book.  Whether your interests are short term or long term, we’re here to help you mitigate the risk and reap the return.

Project Marketing & Developer Services

Taylor Real Estate has extensive experience in pre-construction consulting and sales for residential and mixed use product launches.  Our geographically focused model allows us to provide a high degree of competitor analysis and market knowledge which translates to superior sales strategy and brand positioning.  Our team has extensive industry experience in media planning and buying and makes project advertising dollars more efficient.  Maintaining a small nimble team allows us to provide personalized service to not only our developer clientele, but also to their buyers.  This personalized approach to sales and service translates to more contracts, and most importantly happier customers.  Executing a contract is only a small part of managing overall communications and relationships with each customer through the construction cycle to post-closing.  The benefits of using Taylor Real Estate to market new construction projects are clear: We maintain a thorough understanding of the development process and how sales and marketing must interact with construction, equity capital and debt financing to reach success.

Give us the opportunity to use our experience to position your project in a way that outshines the competition.  For more information please contact Blake Taylor at btaylor@TREaustin.com .

Market Consultation

Whether the market is up, down, or sideways, we’re here to guide your interest through the waves of the real estate market.  Allow our team to help you form a plan for buying, selling or holding to maximize value on your investment.

Community Referrals

Whether you’ve lived in Austin for 10 years or 10 days, everyone has a day when they need a recommendation for a plumber, painter or other service and we’ll be glad to let you know who makes our lives in Austin, Texas a little easier.